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The Whip and the Body (1963)
cover The Whip and the Body

Clasificación IMDb:
star star star star star star star star star star 6,9/10 (2322 votos)

Director/es: Mario Bava

Reparto Daliah Lavi (Como Nevenka Menliff), Christopher Lee (Como Kurt Menliff), Harriet Medin (Como Giorgia), Gustavo De Nardo (Como Count Menliff), Tony Kendall (Como Christian Menliff)

País: Italy   Estudio: 'What!'


Género Terror

Idiomas: Italiano   


Argumento: After the announcement of the servant Losat, the nobleman Kurt Menliff returns to the castle of his family at the seaside to congratulate his brother Christian Menliff for his marriage with his former lover Nevenka. Kurt feels the hatred and the fear of his father Count Menliff and the servant Giorgia, who blames him for seducing and killing her daughter, and indifference from his cousin Katia. On the next afternoon, the sadistic Kurt meets Nevenka riding a horse alone on the beach and whips the masochistic woman and makes love with her. Late night, Nevenka is missing and everybody is seeking her while Kurt is stabbed in the neck with the same dagger that Giorgia's daughter was murdered. On the next days, the members of the family suspects of each other while Nevenka is haunted by the ghost of Kurt.