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Electronic Monster, The (1958)
cover Electronic Monster, The

Clasificación IMDb:
star star star star star star star star star star 4,9/10 (91 votos)

Director/es: Montgomery Tully, David Paltenghi

Reparto Rod Cameron (Como Jeff Keenan), Mary Murphy (Como Ruth Vance), Meredith Edwards (Como Dr. Phillip Maxwell), Peter Illing (Como Paul Zakon), Carl Jaffe (Como Dr. Hoff)

País: UK   Estudio: 'The Electronic Monster'

Duración: 80 minutos.

Género Ciencia Ficción, Policíaca, Misterio

Idiomas: Inglés   


Argumento: Jeff Keenan, insurance investigator, checks out the car-crash death of film star Clark Denver in the south of France. He learns that Denver, and two other victims of recent suspicious deaths, all knew the lovely Verna Berteaux...and all had been patients at a private psychiatric clinic, being treated by electronically induced dream therapy. But the deaths are only a byproduct of a sinister plot; and Zakon, owner of the clinic, is due to marry Jeff's old flame Ruth...