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Socialisation of a Bull (1998)
cover Socialisation of a Bull

Clasificación IMDb:
star star star star star star star star star star 7,0/10 (48 votos)

Director/es: Zvonko Coh, Milan Eric

Reparto Brane Gruber (Voz de Professor Raisin), Niko Gorsic (Voz de Professor's brother Bruno), Jurij Soucek (Voz de King of the galaxy), Violeta Tomic (Voz de Assistant Martha), Ales Valic (Voz de Assistant Valentine)

País: Slovenia   Estudio: Ljubljanski Kinematografi

Duración: 78 minutos.

Género Animación

Idiomas: Esloveno   


Argumento: A bald-headed professor Rozina, with the help of his brother and female assistant, for many years tests all possible chemical compounds and solutions that could accelerate the growth of hair cells. Meanwhile, in the far galactic kingdom, at the edge of the Andromeda nebulae, King Alfred caught his son smoking cigarettes. A single poof of that substance can be fatal, since gasified tobacco causes anti-evolution process in the population of this kingdom. Fortunately, the inhaled dose was so small that the prince devolves only to the level of a bull. As a punishment, father King sends him to Earth, which is famous for the worst grass in the galaxy, so he could socialize well and come to his senses. Grizel supposed to seven long years, to come to his senses and to socialize better. Coincidentally or not, the prince-bull finds himself in the laboratory of professor Rozina, where he becomes the subject of professor's research. And here the story of evolution and anti-evolution interweave.