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Lo que vendrá (1988)
cover Lo que vendrá

Clasificación IMDb:
star star star star star star star star star star 6,7/10 (69 votos)

Director/es: Gustavo Mosquera R.

Reparto Hugo Soto (Como Miguel), Juan Leyrado (Como Morca), Charly García (Como Ambulance Driver), Rosario Bléfari (Como Girl), Aldo Braga (Como Policeman)

País: Argentina   Estudio: Cinevista


Género Drama

Idiomas: Español   


Argumento: Against the backdrop of an increasingly-powerful police state, Miguel returns to Buenos Aires. An innocent bystander, he's shot by a rogue cop, Morea, at a political demonstration. To avoid scandal, the police place Miguel in the hospital as a John Doe, where nurses are drawn to his bedside. A tipster notifies the press and Miguel's father and also phones Morea with threats to expose and even kill him. Meanwhile, Miguel is in a coma, able to hear but not speak. Eventually he rouses himself and begins his own hunt for Morea, who remains calm, cool, and lethal. After the drama of cop, victim, and vigilante plays out, there may be worse times to come.