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Colossus and the Amazon Queen (1960)
cover Colossus and the Amazon Queen

Clasificación IMDb:
star star star star star star star star star star 3,7/10 (301 votos)

Director/es: Vittorio Sala

Reparto Rod Taylor (Como Pirro), Giorgia Moll (Como Amazone), Ed Fury (Como Glauco), Dorian Gray (Como Antiope), Daniela Rocca (Como Melitta)

País: Italy   Estudio: AIP-TV

Duración: 84 minutos.

Género Comedia, Aventuras, Fantasía

Idiomas: Italiano   


Argumento: After the Trojan War, Glauco is the strongest man amongst the Greeks. His friend Pirro meets two men who offer him a large sum of money to persuade Glauco to sail towards unexplored shores. Pirro accepts the proposal and convinces Glauco with a trick: he hits him on his head. The ship lands at a strange place where Pirro and the other men aboard are drugged and find themselves in the hands of the Amazons. Only Glauco escapes, saved from the Egyptian inventor Sofo and he falls in love with Antiope. Between loves and duels, conspiracies and ruses, the pirates will bring together Amazons and Greeks.