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Man Made Monster (1941)
cover Man Made Monster

Clasificación IMDb:
star star star star star star star star star star 6,3/10 (619 votos)

Director/es: George Waggner

Reparto Lionel Atwill (Como Dr. Paul Rigas), Lon Chaney Jr. (Como 'Dynamo' Dan McCormick), Frank Albertson (Como Mark Adams), Anne Nagel (Como June Lawrence), Samuel S. Hinds (Como Dr. John Lawrence)

País: USA   Estudio: Universal Pictures

Duración: 59 minutos.

Género Drama, Terror, Ciencia Ficción, Suspenso

Idiomas: Inglés   


Argumento: "Big Dan" McCormick is the sole survivor of a bus crash into hydro lines. 5 others were electrocuted. Intrigued by Dan's apparent immunity to electricity, Dr. John Lawrence, distinguished elector-biologist, asks Dan to visit him at his laboratory, where Lawrence's assistant, Dr. Paul Rigas, is secretly conducting experiments to prove his theory that human life can be motivated and controlled by electricity. Rigas persuades Dan to submit to tests, where Dan absorbs increasingly powerful charges until he develops an amazing degree of immunity, and becomes a walking hulk of electricity. Rigas does a final test of pouring a tremendous charge into Dan's body, and Dan becomes superhuman and his body glows. He is also a robot that is controlled by Rigas. When Lawrence tries to stop the experiment, Rigas orders Dan to kill him. Rigas removes the electricity from Dan's body and he becomes a shrunken shell. Despite the efforts of June Meredith, Lawrence's niece, and newspaper reporter Mark ...