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Alien Hunter (2003)
cover Alien Hunter

Clasificación IMDb:
star star star star star star star star star star 5,1/10 (3266 votos)

Director/es: Ron Krauss

Reparto James Spader (Como Julian Rome), Janine Eser (Como Dr. Kate Brecher), John Lynch (Como Dr. Michael Straub), Leslie Stefanson (Como Nyla Olson), Aimee Graham (Como Shelly Klein)

País: USA   Estudio: Columbia TriStar Home Video

Duración: 92 minutos.

Género Acción, Suspenso, Ciencia Ficción, Aventuras

Idiomas: Inglés, Ruso   

Audio: MPEG2 Layer 3 (MP3) - Inglés

Argumento: In 1947, in New Mexico, a radio operator receives a signal following patterns and while investigating the occurrence, he vanishes. In the present days, the same signal is transmitted from a base in the Falkland Islands to United States of America, and a satellite captures images of a unknown object in Antartic. The cryptologist Julien Rome (James Spader) is invited to investigate the mystery in the South Pole, and he flies to a research base. While a team tries to open a weird shell probably from the outer space, Julien solves the message, indeed a distress signal ordering not to open the case.