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    874.  Wild, Wild Planet
    873.  The Hamburg Syndrome
    872.  The Year of the Sex Olympics
    871.  Attack of the Eye Creatures
    870.  Bolshoe kosmicheskoe puteshestvie
    869.  Hospital of the Transfiguration
    868.  Weltraumschiff 1 startet...
    867.  The Lathe of Heaven
    866.  Omicron
    865.  Chandu the Magician
    864.  A Boy and His Dog
    863.  Tank Girl
    862.  The Congress
    861.  Phase IV
    860.  Contact
    859.  Re-Animator
    858.  In the Dust of the Stars
    857.  Close Encounters of the Third Kind
    856.  Arrival
    855.  The Man Who Could Work Miracles
    854.  Futureworld
    853.  Damnation Alley
    852.  Space Is the Place
    851.  The Great Martian War 1913 - 1917
    850.  Sphere
    849.  In the Fold
    848.  Women of the Prehistoric Planet
    847.  The Mad Monster
    846.  I'm a Cyborg, But That's OK
    845.  Mars Attacks!
    844.  Humanoids from the Deep
    843.  Bad Girls from Mars
    842.  Planet Earth
    841.  Star Trek
    840.  The Slime People
    839.  Battlestar Galactica: Blood & Chrome
    838.  Dark City
    837.  Predators
    836.  Predator 2
    835.  Predator
    834.  AVP: Alien vs. Predator
    833.  Tunnel Under the World
    832.  Doomsday Machine
    831.  The Last Days of Man on Earth
    830.  Time Lapse
    829.  The Bamboo Saucer
    828.  Moon Zero Two
    827.  Millennium
    826.  Frankenstein Must Be Destroyed
    825.  977
    824.  Phoenix
    823.  Attack of the 60 Foot Centerfold
    822.  Fire Maidens of Outer Space
    821.  Chopping Mall
    820.  Warriors of the Apocalypse
    819.  Attack on Titan: Part 2
    818.  Mission Mars
    817.  Przekladaniec
    816.  1
    815.  The Whip and the Body
    814.  Beyond Darkness
    813.  Hands of the Ripper
    812.  Deadly Eyes
    811.  Destroy All Monsters
    810.  Ghoulies Go to College
    809.  Creature
    808.  Spiders II: Breeding Ground
    807.  Captain Nemo
    806.  Amphibian Man
    805.  Le Dernier Combat (The Last Battle)
    804.  Wir
    803.  The Woman Eater
    802.  The Colossus of New York
    801.  Starship Invasions
    800.  Bad Channels
    799.  Tainstvennyy ostrov
    798.  Nightfall
    797.  Donnie Darko Director CUT
    796.  2010: The Year We Make Contact
    795.  Alien Exorcism
    794.  Johnny Mnemonic
    793.  Shadowzone
    792.  Forbidden World
    791.  The Jungle Captive
    790.  Jungle Woman
    789.  Who?
    788.  Android
    787.  The Lawnmower Man
    786.  The Captains
    785.  Trancers
    784.  Short Circuit
    783.  Dune
    782.  Flatliners
    781.  Hell Comes to Frogtown
    780.  Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome
    779.  City Beneath the Sea
    778.  Gas! -Or- It Became Necessary to Destroy the World in Order to Save It.
    777.  The Manhattan Project
    776.  The Last Starfighter
    775.  The Abyss
    774.  Black Moon Rising
    773.  At the Earth's Core
    772.  The Terminator
    771.  Doomwatch
    770.  Escape from the Planet of the Apes
    769.  Mosquito
    768.  Conquest of the Planet of the Apes
    767.  Frogs
    766.  Heavy Metal
    765.  Horror Planet
    764.  Back to the Future
    763.  Phenomena
    762.  The Philadelphia Experiment
    761.  Serenity
    760.  The Medusa Touch
    759.  Species: The Awakening
    758.  Species III
    757.  Species II
    756.  Species
    755.  Sssssss
    754.  Planet of the Apes
    753.  Without Warning
    752.  Vampires
    751.  Space Battleship Yamato
    750.  Galaxy
    749.  Invaders from Mars
    748.  Innerspace
    747.  Humanoids from the Deep
    746.  Star Quest
    745.  Rubinrot
    744.  Laserblast
    743.  Frankenstein's Daughter
    742.  Bloodeaters
    741.  Human Experiments
    740.  Spider Baby or, The Maddest Story Ever Told
    739.  The Humanoid
    738.  The Bride of Frankenstein
    737.  El viajero de las estrellas de la tierra
    736.  They Came from Beyond Space
    735.  I, Monster
    734.  In the Mouth of Madness
    733.  Time Travelers
    732.  Time Walker
    731.  Planet of the Vampires
    730.  Control
    729.  Leopard Man, The
    728.  Gamma People, The
    727.  Le navire étoile
    726.  Undying Monster, The
    725.  Where Have All the People Gone
    724.  Phantom from Space
    723.  Star Trek Into Darkness
    722.  Star Trek
    721.  Star Trek: Nemesis
    720.  Star Trek: Insurrection
    719.  Star Trek: First Contact
    718.  Star Trek: Generations
    717.  Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country
    716.  Star Trek V: The Final Frontier
    715.  Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home
    714.  Star Trek III: The Search for Spock
    713.  Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan
    712.  Star Trek: The Motion Picture
    711.  The Terrornauts
    710.  Meteor
    709.  Her
    708.  Predestination
    707.  Gravity
    706.  Star Wars: Episode VI - Return of the Jedi
    705.  Star Wars: Episode V - The Empire Strikes Back
    704.  Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope
    703.  World on a Wire
    702.  Unearthly Stranger
    701.  Lunnaya raduga
    700.  Petlya Oriona
    699.  Pred startem do vesmiru
    698.  The Moon
    697.  Doroga k zvezdam 2
    696.  Dr. Iven's Silence
    695.  Invaders from Space
    694.  Attack from Space
    693.  Electronic Monster, The
    692.  Spaceflight IC-1: An Adventure in Space
    691.  Yesterday Machine, The
    690.  Lost Missile, The
    689.  Space Probe Taurus
    688.  Wizard of Mars, The
    687.  Purple Death from Outer Space
    686.  By Dawn's Early Light
    685.  Hangar 18
    684.  War of the Planets
    683.  Operation Ganymed
    682.  Star Odyssey
    681.  Prisoners of the Lost Universe
    680.  Who?
    679.  Virus Day of Resurrection - Sci-Fi From 1980 - Full Movie
    678.  Ego zvali Robert
    677.  Creative Control
    676.  High-Rise
    675.  Uncanny
    674.  Colossus: The Forbin Project
    673.  Illustrated Man, The
    672.  Moon 44
    671.  Attack on Titan: Part 1
    670.  The Hyperboloid of Engineer Garin
    669.  Klyuch
    668.  Luch smerti
    667.  Starcrash
    666.  Immortal (Ad Vitam)
    665.  Flying Disc Man from Mars
    664.  Budet laskovyy dozhd
    663.  Moskva-Kassiopeya
    662.  sem stihij Siete Elementos
    661.  Podzemelye vedm
    660.  Star Inspector, The
    659.  Mindwarp
    658.  Jason of Star Command
    657.  Starlost, The
    656.  Snowpiercer
    655.  Ferocious Planet
    654.  Omega Doom
    653.  Robot Holocaust
    652.  Genesis II
    651.  Shape of Things to Come, The
    650.  The Crater Lake Monster
    649.  Hand of Death
    648.  The Mummy's Ghost
    647.  Videodrome
    646.  Shivers
    645.  eXistenZ
    644.  Roger Corman's Frankenstein Unbound
    643.  Deathsport
    642.  The Fly
    641.  Teenage Cave Man
    640.  Scanners
    639.  Rabid
    638.  Attack of the Crab Monsters
    637.  Saturn 3
    636.  Marooned
    635.  From the Earth to the Moon
    634.  Sunshine
    633.  Possible Worlds
    632.  Battlestar Galactica
    631.  It!
    630.  The UFO Incident
    629.  The Hidden
    628.  Socialisation of a Bull
    627.  Quatermass II
    626.  Quatermass and the Pit
    625.  Rollerball
    624.  Bulgasari
    623.  Lo que vendrá
    622.  Moon
    621.  The Host
    620.  From the Drain
    619.  Fahrenheit 451
    618.  Escape from New York
    617.  Avalon
    616.  Manden der tænkte ting
    615.  No Blade of Grass
    614.  The Time Travelers
    613.  Heart of a Dog
    612.  The Food of the Gods
    611.  The Lost World
    610.  The Terminal Man
    609.  They Live
    608.  Maska
    607.  Melancholia
    606.  Midori-ko
    605.  Paris Does Not Exist
    604.  At 3:25
    603.  Pierwszy pawilon
    602.  Proekt inzhenera Prayta
    601.  Prophecy
    600.  Long Live Life
    599.  Warlords of the Deep
    598.  Krull
    597.  The Grapes of Death
    596.  Island of Terror
    595.  In the Year 2889
    594.  Godzilla Raids Again
    593.  Futsu saizu no kaijin
    592.  A Scanner Darkly
    591.  Accumulator 1
    590.  Caltiki, the Immortal Monster
    589.  Frankenstein: The True Story
    588.  2046
    587.  Heartbeeps
    586.  Island of the Burning Damned
    585.  Space Cop AKA Zvyozdnyy Inspektor English
    584.  Rodan
    583.  Stamp Day for Superman
    582.  Space Angel
    581.  Rocky Jones, Space Ranger
    580.  Radar Men from the Moon
    579.  Your Jeweler's Showcase
    578.  Alcoa Presents: One Step Beyond
    577.  Lights Out
    576.  Johnny Jupiter
    575.  The Invisible Avenger
    574.  General Electric Theater
    573.  Flash Gordon
    572.  Destination Space
    571.  Climax!
    570.  Captain Z-Ro
    569.  The Face of Another
    568.  Tajemství Ocelového mesta
    567.  1984
    566.  Tentacles
    565.  Solyaris
    564.  Le tunnel
    563.  The Handmaid's Tale
    562.  Hardware
    561.  The Little Girl Who Conquered Time
    560.  Bunker Palace Hôtel
    559.  Signale - Ein Weltraumabenteuer
    558.  The Suns of Easter Island
    557.  Izbavitelj
    556.  Journey to the Moon
    555.  Veld
    554.  Akvanavty
    553.  The Brain
    552.  L'invention de Morel
    551.  Let's Scare Jessica to Death
    550.  Back to the Future Part II
    549.  The Fifth Element
    548.  Event Horizon
    547.  Reptilicus
    546.  Mega Monster Battle: Ultra Galaxy Legends - The Movie
    545.  Devils of Darkness
    544.  Trollhunter
    543.  The Spirit
    542.  2001: A Space Odyssey
    541.  The Curse of the Werewolf
    540.  Invasion of the Body Snatchers
    539.  Forbidden Planet
    538.  Silent Running
    537.  Metropolis
    536.  Brazil
    535.  The Mutations
    534.  Ya byl sputnikom solntsa
    533.  City in the Sea
    532.  Doroga k zvezdam
    531.  Ori okeanis saidumloeba
    530.  The Body Stealers
    529.  Brainstorm
    528.  Moontrap
    527.  Tayna vechnoy nochi
    526.  Welcome to Blood City
    525.  War of the Robots
    524.  Trapped by Television
    523.  Top Line
    522.  Star Pilot
    521.  El caballero del dragón
    520.  Slipstream
    519.  Silver Needle in the Sky
    518.  Rocket Attack U.S.A.
    517.  Robo Vampire
    516.  The Raiders of Atlantis
    515.  R.O.T.O.R.
    514.  Le orme
    513.  Night of the Blood Beast
    512.  Night Fright
    511.  Morons from Outer Space
    510.  Mission Stardust
    509.  Life Returns
    508.  'It's Alive!'
    507.  Prince of Space
    506.  Hyper Sapien: People from Another Star
    505.  Hundra
    504.  Horror High
    503.  The Head
    502.  Hands of Steel
    501.  The Gypsy Moon
    500.  The Giant of Metropolis
    499.  Rio 70
    498.  Future Hunters
    497.  Fugitive Alien
    496.  Extra Terrestrial Visitors
    495.  Eyes Behind the Stars
    494.  Escape from Galaxy 3
    493.  Death Machines
    492.  The Day Time Ended
    491.  The Creeping Terror
    490.  Brain Twisters
    489.  Beyond the Moon
    488.  The Bat
    487.  Assassin
    486.  Alien Prey
    485.  The Alien Factor
    484.  Abraxas, Guardian of the Universe
    483.  984: Prisoner of the Future
    482.  White Pongo
    481.  The Wasp Woman
    480.  Warning from Space
    479.  They Came from Beyond Space
    478.  Teenagers from Outer Space
    477.  Hercules the Invincible
    476.  Snowbeast
    475.  She Gods of Shark Reef
    474.  Santa Claus Conquers the Martians
    473.  Queen of the Amazons
    472.  Prehistoric Women
    471.  Planet Outlaws
    470.  Phantom from Space
    469.  Moon of the Wolf
    468.  Mesa of Lost Women
    467.  Menace from Outer Space
    466.  The Lost Jungle
    465.  Laser Mission
    464.  King of Kong Island
    463.  Body in the Web
    462.  Hercules Unchained
    461.  Hercules and the Tyrants of Babylon
    460.  Hercules and the Captive Women
    459.  Hercules Against the Moon Men
    458.  Giants of Rome
    457.  Gammera the Invincible
    456.  The Galaxy Invader
    455.  Eegah
    454.  Gamera vs. Viras
    453.  Crash of Moons
    452.  Colossus and the Amazon Queen
    451.  Bride of the Gorilla
    450.  The Brain Machine
    449.  Bloodtide
    448.  Gamera vs. Guiron
    447.  The Astral Factor
    446.  The Alpha Incident
    445.  Chappie
    444.  What The Future Will Look Like
    443.  Astronaut: The Last Push
    442.  A Marriage in the Moon
    441.  Starship Troopers
    440.  Judge Dredd
    439.  1. April 2000
    438.  The Automatic Motorist
    437.  Lorca and the Outlaws
    436.  Demon Seed
    435.  Wavelength
    434.  War of the Satellites
    433.  Beyond the Rising Moon
    432.  Galaxina
    431.  Alien: Resurrection
    430.  Alien³
    429.  Blade Runner
    428.  Aliens
    427.  TRON
    426.  Alien
    425.  War of the Worlds
    424.  Minority Report
    423.  Garuda
    422.  Returner
    421.  Casshern
    420.  Supernova
    419.  Robot Monster
    418.  Cat People
    417.  Messiah of Evil
    416.  Total Recall
    415.  Strange Days
    414.  Journey to the Center of the Earth
    413.  The Giver
    412.  The Dark Side of the Moon
    411.  La Jetée
    410.  Voyage to the Prehistoric Planet
    409.  Voyage to the Planet of Prehistoric Women
    408.  Dark Remains
    407.  The Fallen Ones
    406.  Gorath
    405.  The X-Ray Fiend
    404.  The Twentieth Century Tramp; or, Happy Hooligan and His Airship
    403.  The Mechanical Butcher
    402.  The House of the Devil
    401.  Stop Frame Animated Dolls on flashing background
    400.  Making Sausages
    399.  A Midnight Episode
    398.  Cronos
    397.  Dr. Plonk
    396.  Panic in Year Zero!
    395.  The Whisperer in Darkness
    394.  The Dead Zone
    393.  I Live in Fear: Record of a Living Being
    392.  Trudno byt bogom
    391.  Westworld
    390.  Time After Time
    389.  Poison
    388.  Tremors
    387.  The People That Time Forgot
    386.  The Land That Time Forgot
    385.  Liquid Sky
    384.  Logan's Run
    383.  Es ist nicht leicht ein Gott zu sein
    382.  Posetitel muzeya
    381.  Harrison Bergeron
    380.  Black Moon
    379.  Mysterious Island
    378.  Latitude Zero
    377.  From the Earth to the Moon
    376.  Anthropophagus
    375.  Planet of Dinosaurs
    374.  Ultraman
    373.  Enchanted Island
    372.  Experiment Alcatraz
    371.  Empire of the Ants
    370.  On the Silver Globe
    369.  Krull
    368.  Day of the Animals
    367.  The Gorgon
    366.  Seven Days to Noon
    365.  Konets vechnosti
    364.  Decoder
    363.  Ten Minutes Older: The Cello
    362.  Night of the Lepus
    361.  Robinson Crusoe on Mars
    360.  Village of the Giants
    359.  Mechte navstrechu
    358.  The Giant Gila Monster
    357.  The Atomic Submarine
    356.  The Space Children
    355.  The Amazing Colossal Man
    354.  Mandragore
    353.  The Wild Women of Wongo
    352.  The Wild World of Batwoman
    351.  Two Lost Worlds
    350.  When Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth
    349.  World Without End
    348.  War of the Colossal Beast
    347.  Planet of the Vampires
    346.  The Killer Shrews
    345.  Journey to the Far Side of the Sun
    344.  On the Silver Globe
    343.  Nebo zovyot
    342.  To the Stars by Hard Ways
    341.  Alien Terror
    340.  Who Wants to Kill Jessie?
    339.  Adventures of Captain Marvel
    338.  Undersea Kingdom
    337.  Supergirl
    336.  The Sorcerers
    335.  Invasion U.S.A.
    334.  Earth vs. the Spider
    333.  Alien Hunter
    332.  Slaughterhouse-Five
    331.  The Dunwich Horror
    330.  Red Dawn
    329.  The Food of the Gods
    328.  Dr. Terror's House of Horrors
    327.  Seddok, l'erede di Satana
    326.  First Spaceship on Venus
    325.  The Little Shop of Horrors
    324.  The Cosmic Man
    323.  Tobor the Great
    322.  Theremin: An Electronic Odyssey
    321.  The Harryhausen Chronicles
    320.  Team America: World Police
    319.  Natural City
    318.  Perfect Creature
    317.  Dr. Who and the Daleks
    316.  Doctor Who
    315.  The Fountain
    314.  The Wicker Man
    313.  The Crazies
    312.  Z.P.G.
    311.  The Land That Time Forgot
    310.  The Man Who Fell to Earth
    309.  K-PAX
    308.  Attack of the Killer Tomatoes!
    307.  Stereo
    306.  Yôkai hyaku monogatari
    305.  The Green Slime
    304.  The Lost Continent
    303.  Barbarella
    302.  Viy
    301.  Torture Garden
    300.  Blood Fiend
    299.  The X from Outer Space
    298.  Five Million Years to Earth
    297.  Mars Needs Women
    296.  Andromeda Nebula
    295.  La isla de los dinosaurios
    294.  King Kong Escapes
    293.  Two Years' Vacation
    292.  Battle Beneath the Earth
    291.  No Highway in the Sky
    290.  It!
    289.  Daleks' Invasion Earth 2150 A.D.
    288.  Willi Tobler and the Decline of the 6th Fleet
    287.  Curse of the Fly
    286.  Frankenstein Meets the Spacemonster
    285.  X-15
    284.  Alphaville
    283.  Robot Jox
    282.  These Are the Damned
    281.  The Day the Earth Caught Fire
    280.  The War of the Worlds: Next Century
    279.  Eyes Without a Face
    278.  The City of the Dead
    277.  War Between the Planets
    276.  Assignment: Outer Space
    275.  The Crawling Eye
    274.  Queen of Outer Space
    273.  I Married a Monster from Outer Space
    272.  Curse of the Faceless Man
    271.  Attack of the Puppet People
    270.  Attack of the 50 Foot Woman
    269.  WarGames
    268.  The Quatermass Xperiment
    267.  The Phantom Creeps
    266.  Monster from the Ocean Floor
    265.  Gog
    264.  Four Sided Triangle
    263.  It Came from Outer Space
    262.  The Beast from 20,000 Fathoms
    261.  Spaceways
    260.  The Angry Red Planet
    259.  Flight to Mars
    258.  Weird Woman
    257.  12 to the Moon
    256.  The Abominable Dr. Phibes
    255.  Golem
    254.  Crimes of the Future
    253.  Destination Inner Space
    252.  Children of the Damned
    251.  S-a furat o bomba
    250.  King of the Rocket Men
    249.  The Day the Sky Exploded
    248.  A Trip to Mars
    247.  The Man from Earth
    246.  R.I.P.D.
    245.  The Thing
    244.  Fire and Ice
    243.  A for Andromeda
    242.  The Last Man on Earth
    241.  Invasion of the Body Snatchers
    240.  Invisible Invaders
    239.  House on Haunted Hill
    238.  First Man Into Space
    237.  The Amazing Transparent Man
    236.  Attack of the Giant Leeches
    235.  Plan 9 from Outer Space
    234.  Journey to the Seventh Planet
    233.  The Brain That Wouldn't Die
    232.  The American Astronaut
    231.  Horrors of the Black Museum
    230.  The Creation of the Humanoids
    229.  Kin-dza-dza!
    228.  Frankenstein Conquers the World
    227.  Beast from Haunted Cave
    226.  Robot Stories
    225.  Planeta bur
    224.  Battle Beyond the Stars
    223.  Warbirds
    222.  The Lost Skeleton of Cadavra
    221.  Monsters
    220.  Ghosts of Mars
    219.  Black Plague
    218.  Kraa! The Sea Monster
    217.  Body Snatchers
    216.  Zaveshchaniye professora Douelya
    215.  The Quiet Earth
    214.  The Final Countdown
    213.  O-Bi, O-Ba - The End of Civilization
    212.  Heavy Metal
    211.  The Night of the Hunted
    210.  Naked Lunch
    209.  The Bunker of the Last Gunshots
    208.  The Thing
    207.  Little Shop of Horrors
    206.  Nightflyers
    205.  Tales from the Darkside: The Movie
    204.  Day of Resurrection
    203.  Simple Creature
    202.  Contamination
    201.  Outland
    200.  StageFright: Aquarius
    199.  The 27th Day
    198.  Battle Royale
    197.  Captive Wild Woman
    196.  Zontar: The Thing from Venus
    195.  Fantastic Voyage
    194.  The Frozen Dead
    193.  Kill Baby, Kill
    192.  Queen of Blood
    191.  Planet of the Female Invaders
    190.  Cyborg 2087
    189.  Before I Hang
    188.  Crack in the World
    187.  The Satan Bug
    186.  Monster of Terror
    185.  The Last Man on Earth
    184.  The Madmen of Mandoras
    183.  The Earth Dies Screaming
    182.  Zardoz
    181.  First Men in the Moon
    180.  Kiss Me Quick!
    179.  Gdzie jestes, Luizo
    178.  Evil Brain from Outer Space
    177.  Voyage to the End of the Universe
    176.  The Day Mars Invaded Earth
    175.  X: The Man with the X-Ray Eyes
    174.  Atragon
    173.  The Kiss of the Vampire
    172.  Tower of London
    171.  Sexmission
    170.  Valley of the Dragons
    169.  Nude on the Moon
    168.  Gorgo
    167.  The Phantom Planet
    166.  Il pianeta degli uomini spenti
    165.  Creature from the Haunted Sea
    164.  Master of the World
    163.  The Human Vapor
    162.  A Journey to the Beginning of Time
    161.  The Ship of Monsters
    160.  The Leech Woman
    159.  The Time Machine
    158.  Village of the Damned
    157.  Dinosaurus!
    156.  Beyond the Time Barrier
    155.  Battle in Outer Space
    154.  The Monster of Piedras Blancas
    153.  The Manster
    152.  The Alligator People
    151.  Island of the Burning Damned
    150.  Return of the Fly
    149.  The World, the Flesh and the Devil
    148.  Carny
    147.  4D Man
    146.  The Blob
    145.  Fiend Without a Face
    144.  The Brain Eaters
    143.  The Fly
    142.  It! The Terror from Beyond Space
    141.  Missile to the Moon
    140.  The H-Man
    139.  Giant from the Unknown
    138.  Earth vs the Spider
    137.  The Mysterians
    136.  The Monolith Monsters
    135.  The Land Unknown
    134.  The Invisible Boy
    133.  The Incredible Shrinking Man
    132.  The Incredible Petrified World
    131.  The Giant Claw
    130.  The Deadly Mantis
    129.  The Brain from Planet Arous
    128.  The Black Scorpion
    127.  The Astounding She-Monster
    126.  Not of This Earth
    125.  Invasion of the Saucer Men
    124.  Kronos
    123.  From Hell It Came
    122.  The Man Without a Body
    121.  The Monster That Challenged the World
    120.  Beginning of the End
    119.  20 Million Miles to Earth
    118.  X: The Unknown
    117.  Here Comes Tobor
    116.  The Mole People
    115.  Satellite in the Sky
    114.  The Monster Maker
    113.  The Beast of Hollow Mountain
    112.  Invasion of the Body Snatchers
    111.  The Creature Walks Among Us
    110.  Indestructible Man
    109.  Day the World Ended
    108.  Earth vs. the Flying Saucers
    107.  It Conquered the World
    106.  It Came from Beneath the Sea
    105.  Tarantula
    104.  Revenge of the Creature
    103.  This Island Earth
    102.  The Beast with a Million Eyes
    101.  King Dinosaur
    100.  Cult of the Cobra
    99.  Conquest of Space
    98.  Creature with the Atom Brain
    97.  Bride of the Monster
    96.  Riders to the Stars
    95.  Things to Come
    94.  Them!
    93.  The Snow Creature
    92.  The Mad Magician
    91.  Immediate Disaster
    90.  Target Earth
    89.  The Afterman
    88.  Creature from the Black Lagoon
    87.  Killers from Space
    86.  The Man Who Could Cheat Death
    85.  The Man Who Turned to Stone
    84.  Devil Girl from Mars
    83.  Lost Planet Airmen
    82.  Son of Frankenstein
    81.  Red Planet Mars
    80.  Project Moon Base
    79.  The Maze
    78.  The Running Man
    77.  House of Wax
    76.  The War of the Worlds
    75.  Aelita: Queen of Mars
    74.  Invaders from Mars
    73.  The Brother from Another Planet
    72.  The Magnetic Monster
    71.  The Andromeda Strain
    70.  The Neanderthal Man
    69.  Donovan's Brain
    68.  Cat-Women of the Moon
    67.  The Blood on Satan's Claw
    66.  The Strange Door
    65.  The Day the Earth Stood Still
    64.  I'll Never Forget You
    63.  Superman and the Mole-Men
    62.  Unknown World
    61.  Soylent Green
    60.  Five
    59.  The Man from Planet X
    58.  The Man in the White Suit
    57.  The Thing from Another World
    56.  Lost Continent
    55.  When Worlds Collide
    54.  The Flying Saucer
    53.  Rocketship X-M
    52.  Destination Moon
    51.  Black Friday
    50.  The Lady and the Monster
    49.  The Invisible Man Returns
    48.  The Devil Commands
    47.  Son of Frankenstein
    46.  The Invisible Woman
    45.  House of Frankenstein
    44.  The Mouse on the Moon
    43.  Man Made Monster
    42.  Dr. Cyclops
    41.  The Devil Bat
    40.  The Curse of the Cat People
    39.  Before I Hang
    38.  Kosmicheskiy reys: Fantasticheskaya novella
    37.  Trans-Atlantic Tunnel
    36.  The Walking Dead
    35.  The Invisible Man
    34.  Mark of the Vampire
    33.  Island of Lost Souls
    32.  Gold
    31.  Gibel sensatsii
    30.  The Return of Doctor X
    29.  The Phantom Empire
    28.  Dracula
    27.  Doctor X
    26.  Frontier
    25.  Woman in the Moon
    24.  The Mysterious Island
    23.  High Treason
    22.  The Mechanical Man
    21.  A Daughter of Destiny
    20.  The Extraordinary Adventures of Saturnino Farandola
    19.  Dante's Inferno
    18.  Frankenstein
    17.  20,000 Leagues Under the Sea
    16.  The Battle in the Clouds
    15.  A Trip to the Moon
    14.  Marooned
    13.  Trog
    12.  The Omega Man
    11.  The Island of Dr. Moreau
    10.  The Creeping Flesh
    9.  Test pilota Pirxa
    8.  School of the Holy Beast
    7.  The Questor Tapes
    6.  Octaman
    5.  On a Comet
    4.  The Blood Spattered Bride
    3.  Eolomea
    2.  God Told Me To
    1.  Dark Star

    The Abominable Dr. Phibes
    Abraxas, Guardian of the Universe
    The Abyss
    Accumulator 1
    Adventures of Captain Marvel
    Aelita: Queen of Mars
    The Afterman
    Alcoa Presents: One Step Beyond
    Alien Exorcism
    The Alien Factor
    Alien Hunter
    Alien Prey
    Alien Terror
    Alien: Resurrection
    The Alligator People
    The Alpha Incident
    The Amazing Colossal Man
    The Amazing Transparent Man
    The American Astronaut
    Amphibian Man
    Andromeda Nebula
    The Andromeda Strain
    The Angry Red Planet
    Assignment: Outer Space
    The Astounding She-Monster
    The Astral Factor
    Astronaut: The Last Push
    At 3:25
    At the Earth's Core
    The Atomic Submarine
    Attack from Space
    Attack of the 50 Foot Woman
    Attack of the 60 Foot Centerfold
    Attack of the Crab Monsters
    Attack of the Eye Creatures
    Attack of the Giant Leeches
    Attack of the Killer Tomatoes!
    Attack of the Puppet People
    Attack on Titan: Part 1
    Attack on Titan: Part 2
    The Automatic Motorist
    AVP: Alien vs. Predator

    Back to the Future
    Back to the Future Part II
    Bad Channels
    Bad Girls from Mars
    The Bamboo Saucer
    The Bat
    Battle Beneath the Earth
    Battle Beyond the Stars
    Battle in Outer Space
    The Battle in the Clouds
    Battle Royale
    Battlestar Galactica
    Battlestar Galactica: Blood & Chrome
    The Beast from 20,000 Fathoms
    Beast from Haunted Cave
    The Beast of Hollow Mountain
    The Beast with a Million Eyes
    Before I Hang
    Before I Hang
    Beginning of the End
    Beyond Darkness
    Beyond the Moon
    Beyond the Rising Moon
    Beyond the Time Barrier
    Black Friday
    Black Moon
    Black Moon Rising
    Black Plague
    The Black Scorpion
    Blade Runner
    The Blob
    Blood Fiend
    The Blood on Satan's Claw
    The Blood Spattered Bride
    Body in the Web
    Body Snatchers
    The Body Stealers
    Bolshoe kosmicheskoe puteshestvie
    A Boy and His Dog
    The Brain
    The Brain Eaters
    The Brain from Planet Arous
    The Brain Machine
    The Brain That Wouldn't Die
    Brain Twisters
    The Bride of Frankenstein
    Bride of the Gorilla
    Bride of the Monster
    The Brother from Another Planet
    Budet laskovyy dozhd
    The Bunker of the Last Gunshots
    Bunker Palace Hôtel
    By Dawn's Early Light

    Caltiki, the Immortal Monster
    Captain Nemo
    Captain Z-Ro
    The Captains
    Captive Wild Woman
    Cat People
    Cat-Women of the Moon
    Chandu the Magician
    Children of the Damned
    Chopping Mall
    City Beneath the Sea
    City in the Sea
    The City of the Dead
    Close Encounters of the Third Kind
    Colossus and the Amazon Queen
    The Colossus of New York
    Colossus: The Forbin Project
    The Congress
    Conquest of Space
    Conquest of the Planet of the Apes
    The Cosmic Man
    Crack in the World
    Crash of Moons
    The Crater Lake Monster
    The Crawling Eye
    The Crazies
    The Creation of the Humanoids
    Creative Control
    Creature from the Black Lagoon
    Creature from the Haunted Sea
    The Creature Walks Among Us
    Creature with the Atom Brain
    The Creeping Flesh
    The Creeping Terror
    Crimes of the Future
    Cult of the Cobra
    The Curse of the Cat People
    Curse of the Faceless Man
    Curse of the Fly
    The Curse of the Werewolf
    Cyborg 2087

    Daleks' Invasion Earth 2150 A.D.
    Damnation Alley
    Dante's Inferno
    Dark City
    Dark Remains
    The Dark Side of the Moon
    Dark Star
    A Daughter of Destiny
    The Day Mars Invaded Earth
    Day of Resurrection
    Day of the Animals
    The Day the Earth Caught Fire
    The Day the Earth Stood Still
    The Day the Sky Exploded
    Day the World Ended
    The Day Time Ended
    The Dead Zone
    Deadly Eyes
    The Deadly Mantis
    Death Machines
    Demon Seed
    Destination Inner Space
    Destination Moon
    Destination Space
    Destroy All Monsters
    The Devil Bat
    The Devil Commands
    Devil Girl from Mars
    Devils of Darkness
    Doctor Who
    Doctor X
    Donnie Darko Director CUT
    Donovan's Brain
    Doomsday Machine
    Doroga k zvezdam
    Doroga k zvezdam 2
    Dr. Cyclops
    Dr. Iven's Silence
    Dr. Plonk
    Dr. Terror's House of Horrors
    Dr. Who and the Daleks
    The Dunwich Horror

    The Earth Dies Screaming
    Earth vs the Spider
    Earth vs. the Flying Saucers
    Earth vs. the Spider
    Ego zvali Robert
    El caballero del dragón
    El viajero de las estrellas de la tierra
    Electronic Monster, The
    Empire of the Ants
    Enchanted Island
    Es ist nicht leicht ein Gott zu sein
    Escape from Galaxy 3
    Escape from New York
    Escape from the Planet of the Apes
    Event Horizon
    Evil Brain from Outer Space
    Experiment Alcatraz
    Extra Terrestrial Visitors
    The Extraordinary Adventures of Saturnino Farandola
    Eyes Behind the Stars
    Eyes Without a Face

    The Face of Another
    Fahrenheit 451
    The Fallen Ones
    Fantastic Voyage
    Ferocious Planet
    Fiend Without a Face
    The Fifth Element
    The Final Countdown
    Fire and Ice
    Fire Maidens of Outer Space
    First Man Into Space
    First Men in the Moon
    First Spaceship on Venus
    Five Million Years to Earth
    Flash Gordon
    Flight to Mars
    The Fly
    The Fly
    Flying Disc Man from Mars
    The Flying Saucer
    The Food of the Gods
    The Food of the Gods
    A for Andromeda
    Forbidden Planet
    Forbidden World
    The Fountain
    Four Sided Triangle
    Frankenstein Conquers the World
    Frankenstein Meets the Spacemonster
    Frankenstein Must Be Destroyed
    Frankenstein: The True Story
    Frankenstein's Daughter
    From Hell It Came
    From the Drain
    From the Earth to the Moon
    From the Earth to the Moon
    The Frozen Dead
    Fugitive Alien
    Futsu saizu no kaijin
    Future Hunters

    The Galaxy Invader
    Gamera vs. Guiron
    Gamera vs. Viras
    Gamma People, The
    Gammera the Invincible
    Gas! -Or- It Became Necessary to Destroy the World in Order to Save It.
    Gdzie jestes, Luizo
    General Electric Theater
    Genesis II
    Ghosts of Mars
    Ghoulies Go to College
    The Giant Claw
    Giant from the Unknown
    The Giant Gila Monster
    The Giant of Metropolis
    Giants of Rome
    Gibel sensatsii
    The Giver
    God Told Me To
    Godzilla Raids Again
    The Gorgon
    The Grapes of Death
    The Great Martian War 1913 - 1917
    The Green Slime
    The Gypsy Moon

    The Hamburg Syndrome
    Hand of Death
    The Handmaid's Tale
    Hands of Steel
    Hands of the Ripper
    Hangar 18
    Harrison Bergeron
    The Harryhausen Chronicles
    The Head
    Heart of a Dog
    Heavy Metal
    Heavy Metal
    Hell Comes to Frogtown
    Hercules Against the Moon Men
    Hercules and the Captive Women
    Hercules and the Tyrants of Babylon
    Hercules the Invincible
    Hercules Unchained
    Here Comes Tobor
    The Hidden
    High Treason
    The H-Man
    Horror High
    Horror Planet
    Horrors of the Black Museum
    Hospital of the Transfiguration
    The Host
    House of Frankenstein
    The House of the Devil
    House of Wax
    House on Haunted Hill
    Human Experiments
    The Human Vapor
    The Humanoid
    Humanoids from the Deep
    Humanoids from the Deep
    Hyper Sapien: People from Another Star
    The Hyperboloid of Engineer Garin

    I Live in Fear: Record of a Living Being
    I Married a Monster from Outer Space
    I, Monster
    Il pianeta degli uomini spenti
    I'll Never Forget You
    Illustrated Man, The
    I'm a Cyborg, But That's OK
    Immediate Disaster
    Immortal (Ad Vitam)
    In the Dust of the Stars
    In the Fold
    In the Mouth of Madness
    In the Year 2889
    The Incredible Petrified World
    The Incredible Shrinking Man
    Indestructible Man
    Invaders from Mars
    Invaders from Mars
    Invaders from Space
    Invasion of the Body Snatchers
    Invasion of the Body Snatchers
    Invasion of the Body Snatchers
    Invasion of the Saucer Men
    Invasion U.S.A.
    The Invisible Avenger
    The Invisible Boy
    Invisible Invaders
    The Invisible Man
    The Invisible Man Returns
    The Invisible Woman
    The Island of Dr. Moreau
    Island of Lost Souls
    Island of Terror
    Island of the Burning Damned
    Island of the Burning Damned
    It Came from Beneath the Sea
    It Came from Outer Space
    It Conquered the World
    It! The Terror from Beyond Space
    'It's Alive!'

    Jason of Star Command
    Johnny Jupiter
    Johnny Mnemonic
    A Journey to the Beginning of Time
    Journey to the Center of the Earth
    Journey to the Far Side of the Sun
    Journey to the Moon
    Journey to the Seventh Planet
    Judge Dredd
    The Jungle Captive
    Jungle Woman

    Kill Baby, Kill
    The Killer Shrews
    Killers from Space
    King Dinosaur
    King Kong Escapes
    King of Kong Island
    King of the Rocket Men
    Kiss Me Quick!
    The Kiss of the Vampire
    Konets vechnosti
    Kosmicheskiy reys: Fantasticheskaya novella
    Kraa! The Sea Monster

    La isla de los dinosaurios
    La Jetée
    The Lady and the Monster
    The Land That Time Forgot
    The Land That Time Forgot
    The Land Unknown
    Laser Mission
    The Last Days of Man on Earth
    The Last Man on Earth
    The Last Man on Earth
    The Last Starfighter
    The Lathe of Heaven
    Latitude Zero
    The Lawnmower Man
    Le Dernier Combat (The Last Battle)
    Le navire étoile
    Le orme
    Le tunnel
    The Leech Woman
    Leopard Man, The
    Let's Scare Jessica to Death
    Life Returns
    Lights Out
    L'invention de Morel
    Liquid Sky
    The Little Girl Who Conquered Time
    The Little Shop of Horrors
    Little Shop of Horrors
    Lo que vendrá
    Logan's Run
    Long Live Life
    Lorca and the Outlaws
    The Lost Continent
    Lost Continent
    The Lost Jungle
    Lost Missile, The
    Lost Planet Airmen
    The Lost Skeleton of Cadavra
    The Lost World
    Luch smerti
    Lunnaya raduga

    The Mad Magician
    Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome
    The Mad Monster
    The Madmen of Mandoras
    The Magnetic Monster
    Making Sausages
    The Man from Earth
    The Man from Planet X
    The Man in the White Suit
    Man Made Monster
    The Man Who Could Cheat Death
    The Man Who Could Work Miracles
    The Man Who Fell to Earth
    The Man Who Turned to Stone
    The Man Without a Body
    Manden der tænkte ting
    The Manhattan Project
    The Manster
    Mark of the Vampire
    A Marriage in the Moon
    Mars Attacks!
    Mars Needs Women
    Master of the World
    The Maze
    The Mechanical Butcher
    The Mechanical Man
    Mechte navstrechu
    The Medusa Touch
    Mega Monster Battle: Ultra Galaxy Legends - The Movie
    Menace from Outer Space
    Mesa of Lost Women
    Messiah of Evil
    A Midnight Episode
    Minority Report
    Missile to the Moon
    Mission Mars
    Mission Stardust
    The Mole People
    The Monolith Monsters
    Monster from the Ocean Floor
    The Monster Maker
    The Monster of Piedras Blancas
    Monster of Terror
    The Monster That Challenged the World
    The Moon
    Moon 44
    Moon of the Wolf
    Moon Zero Two
    Morons from Outer Space
    The Mouse on the Moon
    The Mummy's Ghost
    The Mutations
    The Mysterians
    Mysterious Island
    The Mysterious Island

    Naked Lunch
    Natural City
    The Neanderthal Man
    Nebo zovyot
    Night Fright
    Night of the Blood Beast
    The Night of the Hunted
    Night of the Lepus
    No Blade of Grass
    No Highway in the Sky
    Not of This Earth
    Nude on the Moon

    O-Bi, O-Ba - The End of Civilization
    Omega Doom
    The Omega Man
    On a Comet
    On the Silver Globe
    On the Silver Globe
    Operation Ganymed
    Ori okeanis saidumloeba

    Panic in Year Zero!
    Paris Does Not Exist
    The People That Time Forgot
    Perfect Creature
    Petlya Oriona
    The Phantom Creeps
    The Phantom Empire
    Phantom from Space
    Phantom from Space
    The Phantom Planet
    Phase IV
    The Philadelphia Experiment
    Pierwszy pawilon
    Plan 9 from Outer Space
    Planet Earth
    Planet of Dinosaurs
    Planet of the Apes
    Planet of the Female Invaders
    Planet of the Vampires
    Planet of the Vampires
    Planet Outlaws
    Planeta bur
    Podzemelye vedm
    Posetitel muzeya
    Possible Worlds
    Pred startem do vesmiru
    Predator 2
    Prehistoric Women
    Prince of Space
    Prisoners of the Lost Universe
    Proekt inzhenera Prayta
    Project Moon Base
    Purple Death from Outer Space

    Quatermass and the Pit
    Quatermass II
    The Quatermass Xperiment
    Queen of Blood
    Queen of Outer Space
    Queen of the Amazons
    The Questor Tapes
    The Quiet Earth

    Radar Men from the Moon
    The Raiders of Atlantis
    Red Dawn
    Red Planet Mars
    The Return of Doctor X
    Return of the Fly
    Revenge of the Creature
    Riders to the Stars
    Rio 70
    Robinson Crusoe on Mars
    Robo Vampire
    Robot Holocaust
    Robot Jox
    Robot Monster
    Robot Stories
    Rocket Attack U.S.A.
    Rocketship X-M
    Rocky Jones, Space Ranger
    Roger Corman's Frankenstein Unbound
    The Running Man

    S-a furat o bomba
    Santa Claus Conquers the Martians
    The Satan Bug
    Satellite in the Sky
    Saturn 3
    A Scanner Darkly
    School of the Holy Beast
    Seddok, l'erede di Satana
    sem stihij Siete Elementos
    Seven Days to Noon
    Shape of Things to Come, The
    She Gods of Shark Reef
    The Ship of Monsters
    Short Circuit
    Signale - Ein Weltraumabenteuer
    Silent Running
    Silver Needle in the Sky
    Simple Creature
    The Slime People
    The Snow Creature
    Socialisation of a Bull
    Son of Frankenstein
    Son of Frankenstein
    The Sorcerers
    Soylent Green
    Space Angel
    Space Battleship Yamato
    The Space Children
    Space Cop AKA Zvyozdnyy Inspektor English
    Space Is the Place
    Space Probe Taurus
    Spaceflight IC-1: An Adventure in Space
    Species II
    Species III
    Species: The Awakening
    Spider Baby or, The Maddest Story Ever Told
    Spiders II: Breeding Ground
    The Spirit
    StageFright: Aquarius
    Stamp Day for Superman
    Star Inspector, The
    Star Odyssey
    Star Pilot
    Star Quest
    Star Trek
    Star Trek
    Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan
    Star Trek III: The Search for Spock
    Star Trek Into Darkness
    Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home
    Star Trek V: The Final Frontier
    Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country
    Star Trek: First Contact
    Star Trek: Generations
    Star Trek: Insurrection
    Star Trek: Nemesis
    Star Trek: The Motion Picture
    Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope
    Star Wars: Episode V - The Empire Strikes Back
    Star Wars: Episode VI - Return of the Jedi
    Starlost, The
    Starship Invasions
    Starship Troopers
    Stop Frame Animated Dolls on flashing background
    Strange Days
    The Strange Door
    The Suns of Easter Island
    Superman and the Mole-Men

    Tainstvennyy ostrov
    Tajemství Ocelového mesta
    Tales from the Darkside: The Movie
    Tank Girl
    Target Earth
    Tayna vechnoy nochi
    Team America: World Police
    Teenage Cave Man
    Teenagers from Outer Space
    Ten Minutes Older: The Cello
    The Terminal Man
    The Terminator
    The Terrornauts
    Test pilota Pirxa
    Theremin: An Electronic Odyssey
    These Are the Damned
    They Came from Beyond Space
    They Came from Beyond Space
    They Live
    The Thing
    The Thing
    The Thing from Another World
    Things to Come
    This Island Earth
    Time After Time
    Time Lapse
    The Time Machine
    Time Travelers
    The Time Travelers
    Time Walker
    To the Stars by Hard Ways
    Tobor the Great
    Top Line
    Torture Garden
    Total Recall
    Tower of London
    Trans-Atlantic Tunnel
    Trapped by Television
    A Trip to Mars
    A Trip to the Moon
    Trudno byt bogom
    Tunnel Under the World
    The Twentieth Century Tramp; or, Happy Hooligan and His Airship
    Two Lost Worlds
    Two Years' Vacation

    The UFO Incident
    Undersea Kingdom
    Undying Monster, The
    Unearthly Stranger
    Unknown World

    Valley of the Dragons
    Village of the Damned
    Village of the Giants
    Virus Day of Resurrection - Sci-Fi From 1980 - Full Movie
    Voyage to the End of the Universe
    Voyage to the Planet of Prehistoric Women
    Voyage to the Prehistoric Planet

    The Walking Dead
    War Between the Planets
    War of the Colossal Beast
    War of the Planets
    War of the Robots
    War of the Satellites
    War of the Worlds
    The War of the Worlds
    The War of the Worlds: Next Century
    Warlords of the Deep
    Warning from Space
    Warriors of the Apocalypse
    The Wasp Woman
    Weird Woman
    Welcome to Blood City
    Weltraumschiff 1 startet...
    What The Future Will Look Like
    When Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth
    When Worlds Collide
    Where Have All the People Gone
    The Whip and the Body
    The Whisperer in Darkness
    White Pongo
    Who Wants to Kill Jessie?
    The Wicker Man
    The Wild Women of Wongo
    The Wild World of Batwoman
    Wild, Wild Planet
    Willi Tobler and the Decline of the 6th Fleet
    Without Warning
    Wizard of Mars, The
    The Woman Eater
    Woman in the Moon
    Women of the Prehistoric Planet
    World on a Wire
    World Without End
    The World, the Flesh and the Devil

    The X from Outer Space
    X: The Man with the X-Ray Eyes
    X: The Unknown
    The X-Ray Fiend

    Ya byl sputnikom solntsa
    The Year of the Sex Olympics
    Yesterday Machine, The
    Yôkai hyaku monogatari
    Your Jeweler's Showcase

    Zaveshchaniye professora Douelya
    Zontar: The Thing from Venus

    1. April 2000
    4D Man
    12 to the Moon
    20 Million Miles to Earth
    20,000 Leagues Under the Sea
    The 27th Day
    984: Prisoner of the Future
    2001: A Space Odyssey
    2010: The Year We Make Contact